Tanto to Drop Point

How to Re-Profile a Tanto Edge into a Drop Point


Sometimes things get a little crazy in the world of knife ownership and sharpening. While people typically choose their knives based on the original symmetry of the blade, sometimes they want to shake things up, or just see what happens if they do something wild.

Apropos of our last episode on the Workshop, Tanto edges are one of the most common edges we see inexperienced people mangle over time with sharpening. When they call us or show us their knives at trade shows, we let them know they have two options; regrind the knife to restore the transition point that makes it a Tanto edge or finish what they started and convert it to a Drop Point.

Re-profiling a tanto blade

While most want to recreate the edge they purchased, some decide it's time for a change.

To convert a Tanto to a Drop Point, the key is to remove the transition through diligent sharpening at the transition point (or what's left of it), following the natural belly swoop until the transition is entirely removed and you have a perfectly round belly.

The most important aspect when converting an edge is to ensure you are maintaining the same angle through the newly created transition; the edge will reveal itself as you remove the transition.

Watch the video above to see Steve Baker of Work Sharp take a Benchmade Bailout and convert it's edge to be identical to the Benchmade Griptillian.