This is the Ken Onion Mk 2

This is the Ken Onion Mk 2

Introducing the newest to the Work Sharp line of knife and tool sharpeners – where versatility meets precision, and dull edges tremble in fear.

This is the Ken Onion Elite Knife and Tool Sharpener Mk 2, or as we like to call it, the KO2. Available in two versions, the Base Model which includes the sharpening cassette and the Elite model (KO Elite) which includes the sharpening cassette and the Blade Grinding Attachment (BGA). Designed by Ken Onion and engineered by Work Sharp, this sharpener offers guided and free hand sharpening of all edges at almost any angle. With 3 main sharpening methods, we have combined multiple, large and loud, pro-level sharpening machines into one versatile benchtop tool.


The industry first digital speed control buttons give you complete and repeatable control over the speed and continuous use of the sharpener. Simply increase or decrease the motor speed with the press of a button. Low speeds for honing, high speeds for grinding. The upper “Continuous Run” use button lets you keep the sharpener running hands free, and the lower amber kill switch lets you quickly cut power without needing to reach around to the trigger below.


Sharpening Method 1 begins with the cassette. The included sharpening cassette supports a full array of flexible belts ranging from 120 coarse to 6000 ultra fine. The two angle guides feature leather and a front edge support to ensure consistent angles no matter the length of the edge or sword for that matter. These guides can be adjusted from 15° to 30° by rotating clicks on the angle dial. Adjustable to 0.5° per click with solid, tactile notches, allows for truly repeatable and precision sharpening.


Axes and lawn mower blades come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so we tackle these with Sharpening Method 2. Pulling up on the back of the cassette to remove the angle guides then rotating the cassette forward exposes a full side of the belt at 45°. This angle combined with our Flexible Belt Technology will allow convex sharpening along even the oddest of shapes and edges. Load up the coarse 120 belt, bump the speed to 7, and you have yourself a handheld power grinder for quickly shaping metal and refining edges.


Angle guides and tool sharpening is cool, but where is the real “pro” in this pro level sharpener? Welcome to Sharpening Method 3, the Blade Grinding Attachment or BGA as we call it. The BGA is included with the Ken Onion Elite or can be purchased separately if you already own the Ken Onion base model. The BGA features a full selection of 1x18” flexible belts for a cool and quick sharpening experience from dull to polished edge. This system is simple, straightforward, and powerful. There are two zero-degree reference platforms, one in the front and a second height-adjustable one in the back. The angle adjustment knob sits directly in front and precisely adjusts the angle between the two main pullies. Set the knife flat on the reference plate, then lift to the belt and whalah! You’re now free hand sharpening (like a pro) at your desired degree. Take the sharpening adjustments a step further with the 3-way adjustable pully. Allowing you to control the amount of convex you put on your edges. Position 1 for low convex edges, like kitchen knives, down to position 3 for large convex edges like axes and lawnmower blades.


All in, that makes 3 completely different ways to sharpen using the Ken Onion Elite Sharpening System. The sharpening cassette offering both angle and edge guides and 45° powered grinding, plus full freehand sharpening with convex control using the BGA. Each with their time and place, and each just as powerful as the next. If you're in the mood to keep count, we're not including the 90° flat grind in the rear, the dedicated scissor guide, or even the slack belt grinding area - four, five, six... we'll save those for another time. 

Head to the product linked below or check out the What’s In The Box video for a rundown of everything that's included with this sharpening system.