Spa Day for Your Knife! Mastering the PRO PA with Pro Tips and Tricks

Spa Day for Your Knife! Mastering the PRO PA with Pro Tips and Tricks

Welcome back to The Work Shop! Today, we're delving into the realm of knife sharpening with the Pro PA (Professional Precision Adjust). But this isn't your typical how-to guide; we're taking it up a notch with expert tips and tricks from none other than the pro himself, Kyle Taylor. Formerly a professional sharpener, Kyle joins us to share his insights on how to get the most out of the Pro PA. So, let's treat our knives to a luxurious spa day and discover the secrets to achieving an exceptional edge!


Kyle's approach to knife sharpening goes beyond mere functionality – it's all about pampering your knives. He recommends starting with ample lighting to ensure you can see every detail of the sharpening process. Observing the bevels, checking for consistency, and creating fresh new bevels are essential aspects of this spa day.

These tools won't change the quality of the sharpening results, this is just a good opportunity to do some additional maintenance on your knives. Kyle suggests having a Torx bit driver on hand to tackle any disassembly needs. Additionally, keeping a bottle of oil handy for lubricating washers and other parts will help maintain your knives' overall condition. Don't forget to secure those screws with fresh Loctite for a sturdy setup.


As you work your way through the abrasives, debris may accumulate, hindering your progress. A reliable brush, such as one with boar's hair bristles, will swiftly sweep away any unwanted grit and particles. Ensuring a clean work area allows you to focus on the finer details of sharpening.

In the quest for the perfect edge, documenting your progress is crucial. By recording the sharpening angles for each knife, you can easily pick up where you left off in future sessions. Keeping a notebook with your sharpening observations and settings is a savvy way to ensure consistency and refine your technique over time.


An age-old debate persists – should you push or pull when using the Pro PA? Kyle's approach is a combination of both. He starts with swirls to remove material quickly, then switches to a single direction to achieve a cleaner edge. The key is to let the abrasive do the work, avoiding heavy pressure, which can lead to uneven results.

Some knives come with thumb lugs, which can pose a challenge when clamped into the Pro PA. To avoid accidentally sharpening over these features, Kyle recommends using a finger as a stop at the end sharpening rod. This simple trick prevents overshooting and maintains the knife's original design.


To demonstrate the Pro PA's versatility, Kyle takes on some unique sharpening challenges. He tackles the single beveled edge with ease, effectively sharpening one side of the blade with precision. For Tanto blades, Kyle treats each section of the blade independently, ensuring a clean transition at the meeting point. Even serrations get their fair share of attention, thanks to the Pro PA's specialized ceramic rod.


While the Pro PA guarantees a sharp edge, Kyle reveals the pursuit of the perfect polish is what elevates the sharpening experience. Transitioning through the medium abrasives (e.g., 600 and 800 grit) and into the ceramic, will allow for fine-tuning and refining the edge finish. This level of detail gives your knives a mirror-polished look and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment.


Congratulations! Your knives have just returned from a rejuvenating spa day, thanks to the expert tips and tricks shared by Kyle Taylor. By taking a more mindful approach to sharpening with the Pro PA, you'll not only achieve a razor-sharp edge but also elevate your blades to a new level of refinement. Remember to pamper your knives with excellent lighting, brush away debris, and take notes on your progress to maintain consistency.

With the Pro PA as your ally and Kyle's wisdom as your guide, you're well-equipped to tackle any knife sharpening challenge that comes your way. Enjoy your journey in the art of precision sharpening, and may your blades always be sharp and ready for any culinary adventure!

So, why wait? Grab your Pro PA, roll up your sleeves, and embark on a spa day for your knife that will leave it gleaming, sharp, and ready for action. Happy sharpening!