How To Sharpen and Maintain Your Every Day Carry

How To Sharpen and Maintain Your Every Day Carry


Maintaining a sharp edge while completing cutting tasks on-the-go can be a challenge. A sharp edge on your blade not only provides the most accurate cut, it also makes the job at hand easier to complete. The term, every day carry, says a lot about the knife we have in our pocket or stored in our pack. This is a tool that is relied on throughout the day to complete projects, use on the job, or in the field hunting. Such a heavily relied on tool needs to stay sharp and maintained.

The Work Sharp Micro Sharpener & Knife Tool is designed to do just that - maintain a blades edge while also integrating basic knife maintenance features.

How To Use The Micro Sharpener & Knife Tool In The Field

See the full step-by step sharpening process with Gideon's Tactical in the video below.


  1. Start by holding the sharpener with the diamond stone facing up
  2. Place the heel of the blade against the angle guide (this is the angle where the plastic meets the diamond rod - 25°)
  3. Pass the blade along the diamond, maintaining the angle, from heel to tip (alternate sides for a total of 10 strokes)
  4. Flip the sharpener over so that the ceramic rode now faces up
  5. Pass the blade from heel to tip along the ceramic, alternating sides (and don't forget to continue using the angle guides)
  6. Test the blade for sharpness (the paper test is a great option)



For adjusting your knife blade, the Micro Sharpener & Knife Tool has a built in Torx screw (T6, T8, T10). Simply select which screw you need, remove it from the protevtice sleeve, place the screw in the magnetized mount, and realign, tighten, or readjust your pivots, pocket clips, or disassemble your blade for cleaning.