How to sharpen nay knife

How to Sharpen a Knife... Back to Basics

For general knife sharpening use coarse grit to set the new edge and finer grits to refine and hone to a razor sharp edge.

Rest the knife on an angle guide and with a firm grip make a consistent stroke across the stone from heel to tip. Keep track of the number of stroke, usually 5 per side and then alternate to the other side.

Continue until a burr is raised. A burr is a small amount of metal that pushes over from the sharpened side of the knife to the other side and it will feel like a fine wire. Once a burr is raised use a finer stone to remove the burr and hone the edge.

Make 10 passes per side and then progress to finer grit and use lighter pressure. Once finished, test cut on a ripe tomato or slice through paper.

Use your newly sharpened knife carefully and lighten your touch, it should slice through your testing material much easier.