How to sharpen with a whetstone

How to Sharpen on a Whetstone

Sharpening a knife on a whetstone is both art and science.

Whetstone or water stone knife sharpening is an excellent way to put a razor sharp edge on kitchen knives, pocket knives and most tools with an edge. The sharpening process is a labor of love, with practice and muscle memory the results can be amazing.

First, soak your stone in water until no more bubbles come out... this usually takes 10-15 minutes. Then secure your stone in a frame or base or on a towel. Keep water close by and frequently wet the stone.

Sharpen one side on a coarse or medium grit with 10-15 strokes and then switch sides and sharpen the opposing side. Check for a burr. A burr feels like a fine wire at the tip of the edge and will be on the opposite side from the side most recently sharpened.

Once a burr is raised along the full length of the blade switch to a fine stone. Make 5-10 strokes per side with a lighter touch. After 10-20 strokes alternate strokes one stroke per side. for another 5-10 strokes.

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