Man sharpening a pocket knife in the Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener on the back of a tale gate

The Precision of Powered Knife Sharpening

Knife sharpening is a skill set that was either passed down by a loved one, self-taught, or for many, still waiting to be mastered. And if still waiting is where you find yourself, that means your knives are dull.

There are a variety of options when it comes to refreshing a knifes edge: Whetsones, sharpening steels, pull-throughs, professional services, or powered sharpening systems.

Knowing which method to use can become cumbersome, resulting in the continuation of time consuming old methods with sub-par results or worse, continuing to cut with dull tools.

Powered knife sharpening can be a very fast and effective way to reshape, sharpen, and easily maintain a knife edge. Using a powered sharpening system that provides consistency and eliminates guesswork results in precision every time you sharpen.

How Work Sharp Powered Sharpeners Provides Precision and Consistency

Work Sharp powered sharpening solutions are designed so that the tool is doing the work, removing barriers like:

  • Angle Consistency - Work Sharp sharpeners feature angle guides that provide a consistent reference point throughout the entire sharpening process. This ensures that the angle on your blade is even across the entire knife



  • Uniformity - Premium flexible belts engineered specially for Work Sharp provides users with a sharpening abrasive that forms to the shape of the blade. Smooth even passes along the belt removes minimal material, resulting in a longer-lasting, uniform, convex cutting edge.



  • Time - The combination of angle guides and flexible abrasive belts speeds up the sharpening process by eliminating guesswork and gives you back more time in the field, on the water, in the shop, or where ever you need a sharp knife.


And a Bonus? Work Sharp powered sharpeners expand beyond your knife's edge. Work Sharp also revives the edges on your scissors, shop and garden tools.