This is the RKS (Rolling Knife Sharpener)

This is the RKS (Rolling Knife Sharpener)

Take what you know about knife sharpening and flip it on it's head.

Here at Work Sharp, we're no stranger to using wheels for sharpening. Although until recently, these sharpening wheels or discs were inside the sharpener. You'd pull the knife through and along the wheel to sharpen your edge. With this new class of sharpening, rolling sharpening, the knife is stationary while you preform a back and forth rolling motion along the knife. It's both approachable, satisfying, and enjoyable - all at once.

The RKS includes a few key items in the box: a magnetic angle base, 3 different abrasive discs, and the rolling sharpener itself.

rolling knife sharpener and accessories being pulled from utensil drawer


The magnetic angle base is as simple as it is ingenious. 4 different sides at 4 different angles. 15, 17, 20, and 25 degrees, allow you to tackle knives from Eastern/Japanese and Western style kitchen knives, to pocket knives and even thicker outdoor knives. Strong magnets and rubber backers hold the knife steady as you glide back and forth along the edge. Both the 20 and 25 degree sides have a lower edge riser to help lift smaller knives up and over the edge of the base to expose the edge for sharpening.


work sharp tools rolling knife sharpener sharpener kitchen knife


The included 3 abrasive discs are the classic Work Sharp recipe. 320 coarse, 600 fine, and a fine ceramic hone for finishing. Used in progression, this 1-3 punch will consistently deliver a sharp result in a quick and repeatable fashion.



Finally, the rolling sharpener itself. Doesn't it look cool? With a textured ergonomic grip and tri-axle drive system, safe and smooth is our main priority. A pinch style grip keeps your hand tucked away from the knife edge while allowing you to easily steer the sharpener around and along long blades and low knife tips. The large main wheel is recessed and magnetic to securely lock each abrasive in place with a satisfying snap. The wheels glide along with a fidget-spinner like finesse as you quickly find a rhythm to the motion. Once a burr is raised on the opposite side, with a simple flip of the knife and snap back to the magnetic base, you're back to sharpening. No messy adjustments or tools required.

Approachable, fun, and repeatable, this sharpener will make a perfect addition or gift for both the enthusiast and casual sharpener alike.


The Rolling Knife Sharpener is available here.