A man in camo leaning over a deer sharpening his hunting knife with a Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

Who Is Ken Onion? The Designer Story.

Many already know about Ken Onion and his innovative designs and features that have become game-changers for the knife industry, like the mechanism for assisted opening knives and the ability to disassemble, clean, and reassemble knives easily. But for those who haven't yet heard the story, we've got you covered.

Who Is Ken Onion?

As the youngest designer to be featured in Blade Magazine Hall Of Fame, Ken Onion is a great example of taking a passion and making a name for oneself. Ken took his love for knives and design and collaborated with various knife companies over the years. His innovative mind and creative spark has made his work an essential for any knife collection and catapulted Ken to the top of the industry.

We are fortunate to have worked alongside Ken to design the Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener. With Ken's focus for high quality and inventive spirit, we created a sharpener that is a premier Work Sharp product.

Watch more about Ken's story, thanks to our partners at CRKT in the video below.