Work Sharp Brand Partner- Böker

Work Sharp Brand Partner- Böker

Since the launch of the WSKTS nearly 10 years ago, Böker has been a strategic partner to bring the Work Sharp brand all over the world. Located in the heart of European knife country, Solingen Germany, Böker has been making knives and straight razors since 1869. Böker brings a lot of innovation and strategic vision to our partnership and we’re proud to work with such a legacy brand that employs such great people.

"Boker is glad to have the possibility to cooperate with such a great partner like Darex. It´s not only the fact that they are real cracks in regard of innovative sharpening machines, which set no doubt a new standard for easy, but professional home-made sharpening.

It´s also the attitude of this Oregon-based company and the whole Darex team, who always aims for the best, and never is happy with a 90% solution.

Their goal to have a 100% satisfied customer does not end with the sale of a sharpener, but extends also to an extraordinary after-sales service, to make sure every user of a WorkSharp gets the promised and expected result.

Thus, their business policy meets our own at Boker in a perfect way, making that partnership a very effective and harmonic one in every aspect, and a pleasure hopefully for both our companies."

-Mit freundlichen Grüßen ,Marc Götzmann, Heinr. Böker Baumwerk GmbH

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