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Pivot Plus™ Knife Sharpener



In The Box:

  • Convex-Carbide® Sharpening
  • Ceramic Hone Slot
  • Tapered Diamond Rod
  • Work Sharp® Pivot Plus™ Knife Sharpener™
  • User’s Guide
  • Sharpens




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    Pivot Plus™ Knife Sharpener

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    Ultimate Solution For Immediate Results

    Quick and Effortless Sharpness for Every Blade: Dive into the world of effortless sharpening with our Convex-Carbide® sharpening stage. In just a few simple steps, breathe new life into your knives, giving them back their razor-sharp edge and be ready to tackle any cutting challenge. Use the tapered diamond rod to restore serrations or perform mild edge repairs. This is your fast and easy solution to a sharp knife no matter where you are.

    Product Features

    Convex-Carbide® Sharpening

    Quickly sharpens knives to a robust, long lasting convex cutting edge.

    Ceramic Honing Rods

    Refine and Re-Sharpen any knife quickly with pull through hone.

    Diamond Taper Rod

    Sharpen serrations, touch up edge tools or bypass pruners.

    Product Specifications
    Edge Angles
    Included Abrasives
    Ceramic Sharpening Kit, Coarse Diamond, Convex-Carbide™
    1.2 oz
    3 Years

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    Uncompromising performance

    Each sharpening machine from Work Sharp comes with a three-year warranty and is
    designed, engineered, and calibrated at our 100% solar-powered facility in Ashland, Oregon.
    We source our materials from the highest-caliber manufacturers and are committed to
    eliminating single-use plastics from our supply chain. And you can count on our industry-leading
    customer support for any of our Kitchen, Field, or Benchtop sharpeners.