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Professional Precision Adjust™ Knife Sharpener




In The Box:

  • Metal Sharpening Frame with continuous angle adjustment from 15° to 30°
  • Digital Angle Indicator (inclinometer) to set exact sharpening angle.
  • Base for added stability when sharpening on a benchtop.
  • Seven 1” x 6” sharpening abrasives 220, 320, 400, 600, & 800 grit diamond.
  • Ceramic Rod for sharpening serrations.
  • Fine ceramic & a leather strop.
  • Metal V-Block Clamp for secure and repeatable knife placement when sharpening.
  • Clamp Stabilizing platform (Clamp Stabilizer) for increased stability when sharpening larger knives.
  • Small knife table attachment to sharpen small pen knives down to a 15° angle.
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Professional Precision Adjust™ Knife Sharpener

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Award Winning Precision

Unlock unparalleled precision and performance with the Professional Precision Adjust™ – Work Sharp's top-of-the-line fixed-angle knife sharpening system in the Precision Adjust™ family. Crafted with sturdy metal construction and equipped with a digital angle indicator, this sharpener ensures rigidity, repeatability, and precision for all your sharpening needs. Easily adjust sharpening angles from 15° to 30° with the digital indicator for precise and consistent results every time. The comprehensive set of abrasives includes diamond plates ranging from 220 to 800 grit, a ceramic honing plate, and a leather strop for a reflective finish. The innovative V-Block Clamp securely holds your knife in place, while the weighted base provides stability for safe and efficient sharpening. From kitchen to outdoor knives, the Professional Precision Adjust™ delivers unmatched performance, making it the ultimate sharpening solution for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Product Features

Digital Angle Indicator

Consistently set your edge angles to within 0.25° every time you sharpen.

Robust Metal Components

Sharpening Chassis and V-Block Clamp are rigid and built to last.

Full Range Of Abrasives

Repair, sharpen, and strop any knife back to a blistering sharp edge.

Product Specifications
Edge Angles
15° to 30° Adjustable
Included Abrasives
Ceramic, Coarse Diamond, Fine Diamond, Leather Strop, Medium DIamond
7.5 lb
3 Years
Compatible Accessories

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Uncompromising performance

Each sharpening machine from Work Sharp comes with a three-year warranty and is
designed, engineered, and calibrated at our 100% solar-powered facility in Ashland, Oregon.
We source our materials from the highest-caliber manufacturers and are committed to
eliminating single-use plastics from our supply chain. And you can count on our industry-leading
customer support for any of our Kitchen, Field, or Benchtop sharpeners.