Inspiration From a Favorite Customer

Inspiration From a Favorite Customer

John Horwitz has quickly become one of our favorite customers. He sent over a review that really highlights the versatility of the Work Sharp Culinary machines and was kind enough to send along some of his favorite stories and recipes. Read below to learn more!

I don’t hate scissors, I really don’t. What I hate is buying them. Expensive or not, they seem to wear out at the same rate, especially with a crafter in the house. My wife has an 85 year old Singer sewing machine and spends hours making dolls, wall hangings and clothes. My job is simple; keep the machine running smoothly and sharpen the blasted scissors!
Until now there hasn’t been an easy way. The angle seems to vary from pair to pair, mostly because the scissors are worn and few craft stores offer a sharpening service. Recently we received a Work Sharp Culinary E2+ Kitchen Knife Sharpener and to my surprise there were instructions on how to sharpen scissors. Since I had tried and failed on old German shears, there would be no harm in trying a ‘rescue.’

The E2+ is a lightweight and self contained unit that may just be the essence of simplicity. Easily changed centerpieces that sharpen both kitchen and pocket knives are well constructed and when removed reveal the perfect angle to sharpen scissors.
First the German pair, then the French and then the hefty American ones last. Initial tests on paper proved successful, but would they satisfy the critical needs of an expert?
She carefully cut one piece of fabric, then another and another. She smiled, unplugged the unit and said only one word…”MINE'"

John has also shared his love of cooking with us, showing how the M3 can be used in his most loved recipes.

Until recently, there wasn’t any good way to sharpen a bread knife. The Work Sharp Culinary M3, with both ceramic and diamond rods was the perfect choice to put an edge on fifteen year old Calphalon bread knife. As you can see, shaving chocolate into tiny curls to top my favorite dessert was accomplished in not time at all!

Learn more about sharpening your serrated blades & scissors here.

John uses both the E2, M3 and E5 machines, click the photo below to find out which machine is the best fit for you. Our sharpeners will soon become a part of your kitchen routine, providing professional, fast and reliable results.

All photos courtesy of John Horwitz. Cutting board in featured image by Ramshackle Artwork.