The best tools to meal prep successfully

The best tools to meal prep successfully

The best tools to meal prep successfully

If you’re new to meal prepping, it can feel a little intimidating and it honestly will probably take some experimenting to figure out what will work for you. For instance, some foods do reheat better than others, so you might want to avoid prepping quesadillas that’ll just get soggy before you eat them.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a meal-prepping session will take more time than cooking a single meal. To streamline the process, the right gadgets, appliances, and accessories will make cooking all that food so much easier. Here are nine things you can use to start meal prepping like a boss.

We have picked some of our favorite and most necessary kitchen tools that will help you meal prep like a pro! Oh, and leave you eating like you are a culinary chef!

1. A planner

The easiest way to fail at meal prepping is to not have a plan. It’s essential to decide your meals ahead of time and make a grocery list before you head to the grocery store.

2. Sharp knife

As you can probably guess, sharp knives work better than dull knives. A sharp blade can cut with less brute force than dull one. Less brute force means less damage to your food, which can easily be seen by looking closely at the cut. Dull knives will crush more of the cells surrounding the cut, which ultimately accelerates wilting and discoloration, while sharp knives will slice through ingredients cleanly. A sharp blade is also more predictable. When it chops, or is drawn across the food's surface, it won't slip. This makes it easy to control how the blade moves through the food, giving you more control over your chopping or slicing. A dull blade, however, is much more likely to slip, which makes control difficult and increases the risks of the blade slipping off the food and into your hand or fingers. Put simply, a dull knife will slow you down and is potentially dangerous, while a sharp knife will make your food prep easier and more enjoyable. The best way to sharpen all the knives you own, is to use an electric knife sharpener. Our sharpeners have won awards and we confidently can say we are the best. Click HERE to make meal prepping the most successful

3. A quality cutting board

The next essential piece of gear in how to food prep has to be a good cutting board. Cutting boards help you protect your counter tops from damage, keep your knives sharp, move chopped or sliced food to a skillet, pot, or grill, and clean up after you've finished preparing your meals and snacks. It's a good idea to have more than one cutting board: one exclusively for meats and another specifically for produce. Having two boards helps prevent cross contamination of the raw meat preparation with your vegetables, starches, herbs, and fruits. If you're food prepping for the first time, cutting boards are a good place to begin. Purchase two: one inexpensive plastic board and one decent-sized wooden board. As you become more familiar with food prep, you'll begin to develop a preference for which type of cutting board you enjoy using and you can expand your selection from there.

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6. Baking and roasting sheets

Prepping lots of ingredients at once, whether you’re cooking veggies or meat, can be a lot easier when you have enough baking sheets to cook them all on. For that, you’ll want to have at least two or three baking sheets on hand that can handle your ingredients.

7. A pressure cooker

Efficiency is essential for making meal prepping as quick and easy as possible. Electric multi-cookers, often referred to as pressure cookers, are great because they have all the functions of a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, and more. With a good pressure cooker, you can cook anything from rice to soup to chicken, leaving your stovetop and oven free for other tasks.

9. Storage containers

After whipping up a big batch of meals for the whole week, you going to need some good, microwave-safe containers to store them in. It’s important to avoid containers that have BPA or other toxins that can leach into the food you’re reheating.

Containers are important in how to food prep for several reasons. First, containers are the easiest way to store and seal your healthy meals, keeping them fresh all day. Second, they help you keep your meal portions in check. It's important to invest in good containers. Purchasing heavy-duty containers that are stackable and microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe can prevent a lot of unwanted and unneeded head aches when prepping, storing, and cleaning up after your meals. In a fast paced world, meal prepping is one way to ensure your family is eating healthy and that mealtimes are simple and fast. Work Sharp Culinary knife sharpeners can help you be the most successful in your meal planning with sharpeners. A push of a button and your knives are on their way to sharp! Check out our website to read reviews, see our product line and to find a sharpener that's best for you. With our newest model, the E2, on the market, we've got a model that's a perfect gift for your dull knives at a more economical price point. For $49.99, your knives will be accurately sharp at the push of a button. Check us out! Happy Meal Prepping!

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