Scott Leysath The Sporting Chef talking to viewers

Wild Game Cooking With The Sporting Chef

Did you know that you should cook game meat at a lower temperature than domestic meats because game is less forgiving and has less fat? That is just one of the many tips Scott Leysath shares in his recent wild game cooking video.

Popular Questions Asked When It Comes To Wild Game Cooking

The most popular question Leysath is asked is, why does my meat taste "gamey?" Leysath explains that game meat requires different cooking temperatures and when you experience a gaminess taste, it is not the meat, but instead likely overcooked.

Leysath continues that the way you store your game meat is also very important. To avoid freezer burn and altering the quality of the meat, using vacuumed sealed bags is best. But don't toss your game in the garbage if there is freezer burn. You can save most of the meat by cutting away the top layer.

When discussing how to keep knives sharp, Leysath's prep routine involves using his Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener to ensure his cooking tools are razor sharp and are ready for his culinary adventures in the kitchen.

Other questions Leysath covers in his wild game video: What is the best way to make a rich game stock? What is the low and slow method for game meat? How long should I age my game before cooking?

All of these questions and more suggestions from Scott Leysath can be found in his wild game cooking review on Facebook, here.