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Kitchen Electric Knife Sharpener



In The Box:

  • Power Cord (stows in sharpener base)
  • P120 Ceramic Abrasive Sharpening Discs
  • Fine Grit Ceramic Honing Wheel
  • Scissor Sharpening Guide
  • Kitchen Electric Knife Sharpener
  • User Guide





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Kitchen Electric Knife Sharpener

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Slice with Confidence

Simplify your kitchen routine with our beloved electric sharpener, designed for maximum convenience and ease of use. Loved by home chefs for its remarkable effectiveness and simplicity, this sharpener ensures that keeping your knives sharp is a breeze. Featuring a user-friendly design, including a ceramic honing slot that is incredibly easy to use yet remarkably effective, maintaining your knives has never been easier. Thanks to its efficient design, regular maintenance is a breeze, allowing you to go months without the need for a full sharpening. Experience the convenience of sharp knives at your fingertips, making meal preparation a joyous and effortless experience.

Product Features

Angle Guides

Maintain a consistent 20° angle when sharpening and honing.

Flexible Sharpening Discs

Long-lasting ceramic abrasives quickly sharpen knives and scissors.

Ceramic Honing Wheel

Refines the edge and re-sharpens knives quickly. Hones serrations.

Product Specifications
Edge Angles
Included Abrasives
120 Grit Disc & Fine Ceramic
1.2 lb
3 Years
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Uncompromising performance

Each sharpening machine from Work Sharp comes with a three-year warranty and is
designed, engineered, and calibrated at our 100% solar-powered facility in Ashland, Oregon.
We source our materials from the highest-caliber manufacturers and are committed to
eliminating single-use plastics from our supply chain. And you can count on our industry-leading
customer support for any of our Kitchen, Field, or Benchtop sharpeners.