Knife Maintenance

Knife Maintenance

Knives have a place in our lives no matter where we are, out in the field, out on the water or back home in the kitchen. Make sure your knife is sharp and ready for the task and everything will go much easier and safer.

Keep your knives clean and sharp for best performance. Do not put them in the dishwasher or hand wash them. Use a wood or plastic cutting board, not a glass cutting board or hard surface. Keep knives sharp and safely organized in a knife block or a magnet rail, not tossed into a drawer. Abide by these simple rules and you will safely enjoy a sharp knife every time you cook.

Work Sharp is committed to providing a knife and tool sharpener with your needs in mind.

The Combo Knife Sharpener was created for those who want a fast, easy-to-use machine that sharpens every type of knife you own.

The Original Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener sharpens every knife you own using flexible abrasive belts and precision sharpening guides. Quickly and easily makes your blades sharper than ever, including scissors and edge tools.

Work Sharp teamed up with renowned knife maker Ken Onion to deliver the ultimate sharpening solution for your home or workshop. It combines an adjustable sharpening guide to produce precise edge bevels from 15° to 30°, premium flexible abrasive belts to deliver a strong, long lasting razor-sharp edge and a variable speed motor to handle every sharpening task, from grinding to honing.

Whatever your sharpening task, Work Sharp has a solution that was designed around precision and with high-quality materials. Maintaining a sharp edge is the first and most important in knife maintenance.