Sharpening a kitchen knife on the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Sharpener

Six Tips To Sharpen & Maintain Your Knives

All knives start to dull with use. Depending on how heavy and frequent your knife use is will help determine when your knife needs sharpening. That is just one tip of many when it comes to knife care. Our friends at Gear Junkie recently shared six tips to maintaining your blades that will eliminate poor knife performance and help keep your knives sharp. These tips will benefit you when it comes to using a Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener.

Six Tips When Using A Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Read about these six tips in detail here.

1- Determine your knife's dullness

2- Decide on your sharpening angle

3- Choose the right abrasive for your blade

4- Practice the Burr Technique

5- Understand Super-steel

6- Maintain!

No matter what knife you use, it will become dull with time. Work Sharp has a solution, both powered and manual, for your sharpening needs.