Introducing the Work Sharp Workshop

Introducing the Work Sharp Workshop

Welcome to the Work Sharp Workshop! We are stoked to announce this weekly video series on all things knife sharpening (and sometimes other things too).

In this educational series, host Josh Warren, Work Sharp Stoke Ambassador, joins many different expert guests and works you through everything from the absolute basics of creating and maintaining a sharp edge on your knives to the intricacies of devices, techniques and materials and more.

Why should you care? Well, for one, everyone should own at least one knife and everyone should be able to sharpen it. Whether for outdoor use or the kitchen, there really is not much point in a dull knife, unless you just need to butter some toast.

In the first couple of videos and periodically throughout the series, Josh will also be joined by Kyle Crawford, Work Sharp Brand Manager. To fill you in on a little more of why Josh and Kyle (who we call KC) are qualified to help you get sharp and stay sharp, we asked the men a few questions.

How long have you worked at Work Sharp?

Josh: 2 years

KC: Since 2001

What was your first knife?

Josh: Buck 110, given to me by my dad before my first hunting season.

KC: Gerber lock back given to me by my dad. Still have it, the leather belt sheath too.

Who taught you how to sharpen?

Josh: Chef Frank – In college I worked in the kitchen at a country club. Frank Comito was an exceptional chef who cared a lot about his knives. I learned from him in the beginning, which mostly focused on honing knives, but occasionally repairing on diamond stones.

KC: My dad let me use the stacked disc sharpener we had in the kitchen drawer as a kid. But developing Work Sharp products with highly skilled field testers really taught me how to sharpen.

What did you learn on?

Josh: It didn’t come alive for me until the guided sharpening system, this is where I learned the full process and the why behind what I was doing.

KC: The Guided Field Sharpener product development project was really my breakthrough into learning the skill of sharpening.

What is your favorite way to sharpen?

Josh: There is something rewarding about sharpening manually, without power. I love sharpening on the GFS in the field and touching up my knife after a day of use. Repairs are usually done on the GSS or the Elite Sharpener.

KC: I am a daily edge maintainer, a quick pass on the Guided Field Sharpener fine ceramic, then finished on a leather strop is a great way to start the day before my EDC hits the pocket. But if a knife gets damaged or really dull, I use the Ken Onion Elite Sharpener to quickly repair and reprofile a knife.

If you could only teach someone one thing to help them be more successful with knife sharpening, what would it be?

Josh: Slow down. Patience and consistency will create a refined edge.

KC: Learn to feel for a burr. Once you learn that, sharpening becomes simpler and more successful.

What do you hope people will take away from The Work Sharp Work Shop?

Josh: There is more than meets the eye with sharpening. There are a lot of videos that show “how to sharpen a knife,” but they show only one way. There are hundreds of methods and techniques, I hope people understand the process and the reason behind some of the techniques and methods and use this to make their choices about how they want to sharpen.

KC: There is no ‘right way’ to sharpen. The right way is an individual choice based on your experience level, budget, deciding where you want to sharpen (benchtop or in the field), and the level of edge refinement you want.

There you have it! Welcome and be sure to subscribe, like, follow or just keep coming back the Sharpening Education Center on Work every Wednesday as we release new videos, give away knives and sharpeners and teach you the art of maintaining “Man’s oldest tool.”

Stay sharp!