Tips For Shopping For The Perfect Kitchen Knife

Tips For Shopping For The Perfect Kitchen Knife

Shopping for a kitchen knife can feel overwhelming when considering all the different shapes and sizes. Here are some tips to consider when shopping for the perfect kitchen knife.

Grip - consider how comfortable the handle feels in your hand. does it feel to large or to small?

Length - select a length that won't leave you busy with extra cutting work, and not too long that it feels intimidating to cut with.

Style - Western knives are consider better for durability and meat centered prep, while Eastern knives are utilized for more precision and veggie centered tasks.

Thickness - The thicker the blade, the bigger the task. The thinner the blade, the more delicate you will want to treat the blade

Material- Carbon and stainless steal are the most popular materials. While stainless may take longer to sharpen, the edge will retain longer. A high-carbon edge is going to dull faster with use, and sharpen up quickly.