Original Knife & Tool Sharpener

What is a Convex Edge?

A convex edge is slightly rounded (hence the name convex) as it tapers off to the finest point of the cutting edge along the blade. The convex edge is considered superior compared to other edge grind types due to longer lasting durability and less drag when cutting. Most other edge grind types have a tapering straight line, or concave, instead of the convex smooth transition lines.

The smooth transition line on the convex edge creates a gradual build of steel behind the cutting edge as you move up the bevel. That graduation of steel is what provides more durability. Because other edge grind types do not have the smooth transition lines along the bevel, they dull faster in use.

Sharpening a convex edge is easy and fast with Work Sharp Outdoor Products. The Original Knife & Tool Sharpener is designed to create a precise convex edge along the entire length of the blade using flexible abrasive belts and angle guides. A convex edge can be put on more than just knives. The Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener also sharpens axes, hatchets, and other various tools which makes tasks, like splitting wood, more efficient.

A great benefit to using the convex edge is extending the life of the blade. Sharpening a convex edge on Work Sharp products provides minimal material take off, and more time between sharpening. Flat grind and other edge types tend to require more frequent sharpening as the knife dulls, therefore decreasing the life of the blade.

The Convex edge is ideal for tactical knives and kitchen cutlery for various applications: outdoor activities like hunting and fishing, everyday use, and in the kitchen for food prep.