A Benchmade pocket knife is being sharpened at 25 degrees in the Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Outdoor Guide

Why Sharp Matters

Whether you are a chef, hunter, avid fisher, or outdoor enthusiast, a knife is part of your tool kit. When knives are dull, the task at hand can take longer and be more of a challenge, resulting in harder work. Sharp matters because a sharp blade can tackle any job and won't leave you unprepared. #Sharpmatters

As the leader in wild game cooking, Sporting Chef Scott Leysath advocates the importance of a sharp knife both in the kitchen and out in the field. Make your job easier and get your knives sharp using the recommendations given by Scott in his recent eBook. Check out what knife is best for the job, how to shop for the right knife, and lots of extra tips & tricks.

Click Here for Work Sharp, Not Harder eBook by Sporting Chef Scott Leysath.


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