Work Sharp Sharpening Belts Provide Optimal Results.

Work Sharp Sharpening Belts Provide Optimal Results.

One of the many methods to knife sharpening is with the use of sharpening belts. This method is a key feature of Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpeners. The belts track around the tensioner of the sharpener and have an ideal "give" or flexibility, allowing the relation between blade and belt to be optimal for quality, precise results when sharpening.

Overtime, as knives are repaired, sharpened, and honed, the belts need to be replaced. A question we hear often from our customers at Work Sharp headquarters is, Can I buy and use any sharpening belts on my Work Sharp?

Here is what we recommend:

Work Sharp works directly with Norton Norax Abrasives, designing belts that are specific to fit our sharpeners. The result is premium belts that create high quality, fine-tuned, precise edges on any blade or tool. Using alternative sharpening belts can diminish the precision and quality of your knives because Work Sharp can't guarantee the results, unlike with our specially engineered belts.

Replacement belt kits from Work Sharp are quality checked, ensuring that the size and abrasive material are consistent all the time. The belt is designed to fit our tensioner, creating an optimal sharpening surface when pulling your knife through the guides.

Each abrasive kit available on our website has the type of job the sharpening belt is designed for, eliminating the guesswork when it comes time to replace belts. There are replacement belt kits that include a variety of belts (repair, sharpening, honing) or, if you are looking to customize your sharpening, a variety of other kits are available to expand your sharpening options.

When it comes time to purchase more belts for your Work Sharp, look for our Work Sharp replacement belt kits. Our belts guarantee the best results and protect your blade and sharpener from any damage.