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Pull Through Knife Sharpener



In The Box:

  • 320 Grit Diamond Sharpening Wheel
  • Fine Grit Ceramic Honing Wheel
  • Fine Diamond Plate for Scissors
  • Pull Through Knife Sharpener
  • User’s guide





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Pull Through Knife Sharpener

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Effortless Knife Sharpening

Knife sharpening has never been this easy. Set your knife in the slot and pull it through to restore a sharp edge – it's that simple. With just two steps: the Diamond Wheels swiftly and gently sharpen the edge to a precise 20° angle, while the Ceramic Wheels hone it back to a factory-level sharpness. Maintaining a sharp edge is a breeze with the ceramic hone, allowing you to get back to the cutting board in no time. The additional Diamond Plate ensures your scissors stay sharp too. Featuring an ergonomic rubber grip handle and base, it provides a safe and comfortable sharpening experience every time. Its compact design fits seamlessly into your kitchen drawer or BBQ kit, ensuring you never have to tolerate a dull knife again.

Product Features

Diamond Sharpening Wheel

Long lasting diamond quickly sharpens knife edges to a 20°.

Ceramic Honing Wheel

Refines the edge and re-sharpens knives quickly. Hones serrations.

Fine Diamond Plate

Restores a sharp edge onto household scissors and shears.

Product Specifications
Edge Angles
Included Abrasives
320 Diamond & Fine Ceramic
2.4 lb
3 Years

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