Sharpening with a KO

Sharpen All Your Knives And Tools

There are many styles of knives, all which dull after regular use. The same goes for your garden and lawn tools. Maintaining the edges of your knives and tools makes cutting tasks much less of a hassle, safer, and your cuts become more precise. With a wide variety of products, all centered around creating a razor sharp blade, Work Sharp has a knife & tool sharpener for everyone - no matter their sharpening needs. Do you prefer Power? There is a sharpener for that. Do you lean toward manually refreshing your edges? We've got a few solutions to pick from.

Every Day Carry

Whether you have one reliable blade you prefer to carry, or you swap out between a handful from your collection, ensuring the edge is sharp is crucial, because what good is carrying around a dull tool? For the fastest results and with precision, the Original Knife & Tool Sharpener, the Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener, or the Combo Knife Sharpener are perfect solutions to get you sharp and on your way quickly.

Tanto Blade

This is a blade shape that can be intimidating to sharpen because of the two separate edges. While it is easy to sharpen using a Work Sharp powered sharpener, the manual solutions are another easy approach as you may feel more control. Check out how easily you can glide the edge along the Guided Sharpening System in the video below. If you have an ax or hatchet in your camp gear, the Guided Sharpening System also provides an easy bench-top system with no set-up to refresh those edges in minutes.

Small Knives

Some of us prefer carrying a small blade, like a pocket knife. A small compact sharpening solution is all that is needed to maintain these smaller knives, which is where the Pocket Knife Sharpener comes in handy. You can carry your small blade and your sharpener without taking up space. The Guided Field Sharpener is another great option, and has some added features that makes for sharpening a variety of blade sizes in the outdoors easy.

Kitchen Knives

Let's cut straight to it. Kitchen cutlery can feel overwhelming to sharpen. Most of us have a few select knives we reach for when cooking. A fast, easy, and no guess-work solution is the Combo Knife Sharpener because it sharpens all your knives and has a ceramic rod to maintain serrations as well.

Lawn and Garden Tools

Not only do your knives benefit from Work Sharp products, so can your tools. Removing the cassette from one of Work Sharp's powered sharpeners creates a tool grinder that easily glides across a tool's edge to restore the blade. See how easy this method is in the video below.

No matter what knife or tool you need sharpened, there is a solution - it is just a matter of which you prefer. Both powered and manual options will create razor sharp results and keep you prepared for all your cutting tasks.

Thanks to The Shootin' Guy for this overview of how Work Sharp products can sharpen everything.